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Create Custom Lanyards for Your Driver’s Ed or Driver’s Safety Course

January is Teen Driving Awareness Month.  Are you prepared to spread the word about your driver’s ed or driver’s safety course?  Advertise early and watch how quickly your schedule fills.  Parents want their children to learn how to drive well.

Why not prepare for the teen drivers you’ll be teaching?  Create custom lanyards to hand out to graduates of your driving course.  It’s the type of gift that is useful, unique, and attractive.

There are a number of different reasons why lanyards are beneficial.  First and foremost, they’re something teenagers wear.  With the right attachment, keys, cell phones, and driver’s licenses can be carried with ease.

Next, lanyards are customized with your information.  In addition to being a gift, the items serve as educational tools.  You can add a message of safety to your design as well as your website URL where teens can go for more information about laws pertaining to drivers and safety tips.

Last but not least, the gift of a custom lanyard makes young drivers feel good.  After taking your course, they feel confident about their newly acquired driving skills.  Teens will look at their lanyards with pride because they were able to achieve something they set out to do.

Remind teens to be safe while driving.  Give them a custom lanyard with your website URL on it.  Encourage them to read up on driving laws and driver’s safety tips.

Place an order with us today.  Contact Signature Lanyards through the online submission form on our website, by emailing, or by calling 1-800-270-9019 toll-free.

Help make teen drivers conscientious about what they’re doing behind the wheel of a vehicle.  Give them a thank you gift for taking your driver’s ed or driver’s safety course.  Look for an email to arrive in your inbox from us soon.

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