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Supermarkets Attach Loyalty Cards to Badge Reels for Easy Access

Loyalty cards offer big savings to the people that use them.  The promotional items also ensure that your customers come back to your supermarket to make purchases.  A few cents off a favorite product can mean a big difference to their household budget.  It also gets them talking about your store and the tremendous savings that you offer on everyday household goods.

If your supermarket uses loyalty cards, we have an idea for you.  Create custom lanyards for promotional purposes and see how many people sign up for a new card with you.  Attach the loyalty cards to the lanyard with a badge reel and make it that much easier to use the discount savings on a regular basis.  Your customers can scan or slide their own cards through the reader because of the retractable badge reel you provided to them.

Companies want to be seen as unique and innovative.  Think outside the box and add custom lanyards to your advertising budget this year.  You’d be surprised to learn just how much time you will save by letting your customers scan their own loyalty cards.  You’ll win a lot of people over with your thoughtfulness.  Keep this in mind when planning store promotions for next year.

Make it easy for customers to use their loyalty cards.  Create custom lanyards with your supermarket name and logo on them.  Attach retractable badge reels on the lanyards so people can have their cards scanned each time they make a purchase with you.  Attract loyal customers by offering discounts and other promotions.  Encourage them to sign up for your loyalty program by offering a unique custom gift when membership is initiated.

Take advantage of all the services we have to offer you.  Contact Signature Lanyards to discuss the different styles of lanyards that we sell.  Each has its own unique look and list of advantages.  Ask that a no obligation, free price quote be sent to you.  It will arrive to your inbox along with a digital file containing the custom artwork our team of lanyard designers created for you.

Submit your request through the submission form located on our website.  Email your ideas to  Call 1-800-270-9019 toll-free.  We can’t wait to hear from you and to get started on your unique custom lanyard design.  Other companies will see your genius idea and want to create a similar concept themselves.

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